What’s this? Another update?

Alright ya’ll plan is to get cracking on the game in and around 4:30 Saturday. Come ready to role-play!

Further update

Just fyi; please don’t get super attached to a certain super hero costume for your characters just yet. You’ll have a lot of leeway, but it’s best to wait till it’s full character creation time (mid game this coming saturday).

We WILL be playing this coming saturday. Don’t worry about haveing a character made, the initial role playing will be as your non super self. So come with a concept ready, and you’ll be god (no stats needed)

Just An update

Ya’ll are going to start out as Government employees/contractors/military at a secret research facility when you acquire your super powers. So keep in mind what kind of person/employee you would need to be at that facility, to facilitate your powers.

Original post

Howdy Fellas, Just getting a place up where we could all touch base, and I could share my ideas, and ultimately turn into the campaign page. The more I look at the book, and the possible plots available, the more I’d like to “narrow” background of characters, and mainly do this as an origins story for every one together. I just don’t want to hop right into the middle of your characters’ stories in the preverbal “Issue Number 20 of 40”, I want this to be a “hot of the presses”, “from the creators of” comic run ;)

In addition, I’m working with grand and illustrious “Nick” to develop overall plot ideas and some interesting “focusing” ideas.

For now, I want you guys to think about powers and abilities (combat and non-combat) you’d like, and what sort of non super hero training and mentality would lead to that.

And one last thing, because I know you all so well. Remember, you’re Superheroes, NOT Villains


Clark's Super Hero Game

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