The Western Mega City

The Western Mega City is known across the nation and the world, as the greatest real life phoenix story ever.

After the majority of California was physically separated from the continental united states in The Quake of 2013, the rebuilding of the state became the nation’s number one priority. In only 10 short years, the state of California was returned to its former glory and beyond. Previous city and county borders now meaningless after the massive tectonic shift, the entire state became one resplendent city; a Mega City.

The Western Mega City that rose from the ashes of California is the envy of all great cities across the world. With the greatest of modern science at the disposal of the reconstruction efforts, the City is one of the most self sufficient, beautiful, and tallest reaching cities ever created (with vastly more stringent building codes, of course).

And thanks to the efforts of numerous American Superheroes (and some foreign Superheroes that immigrated for the purpose of being a part of the reconstruction), The Western Mega City has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, and it is therefore common for newer superheroes to cut their teeth in the relative calm of the city, before moving to cities more in need of their talents.

The Western Mega City

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