Symbiot Suit:
Evasion (1) (one rank)
Improved Initiative (1) (one rank)
Move by Action (1)
Uncanny Dodge (1)
Die Hard (1)
Instant up (1)
Teamwork (1)
Startle (1)

Morph (5) (one rank) (Your “Superhero/Symbiot suit”)
Communication (8-2=6) (one rank) (1 Mile) (Psychic link with other symbiots)
Elongation (1) (one rank) (symbiot stretches/your physical body remains the same)
Immunity (2) (two ranks) (immunity to suffocation)
Protection (2) (two ranks)
Regeneration (2) (two ranks)

21 Hero Points

This is the minimum of the values your character’s Symbiot suit will provide. Powers and advantages may be added to the suit. Remember to recalculate points using the “removable” feature once you create your FULL suit. All powers that are not represented by additional equipment or gear are to be purchased as a part of the suit (your character channels all super potential through the suit). You may not add “super human” type advantages unless they are a part of the suit (ex: ultimate effort, fearless, trance, ritualist, etc); advantages that a “normal” person may have (ex: anything not included in the suit already, improvised tools, quick draw, etc), can be purchased as innate parts of your character (aka: without the removable feature).

Note that in Mutants and masterminds, you do not traditionally gain advantages through removable gear, but I am allowing it in this case. Please note this gives you more bang for your buck with character build points that are a part of the suit, feel free to make use of it, especially since it’s more in the character of the game.


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